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The company Krabokoukis Ltd. was founded in Agrinio, Greece, by Georgios Krabokoukis, a businessman with a long experience in construction. He has been appointed the exclusive agent of dry construction technology for the entire territory of Greece.The headquarters of this company is in the area of Dendro, Agrinio, and it operates nationwide for the construction of prefabricated houses, offering complete solutions which adapt to the needs of each customer individually.

Krabokoukis Ltd - Newdb Hellas

It employs a number of engineers, designers and skilled craftsmen, who, due to our well-equipped facilities, can meet any construction project defined by the technical capabilities of Newdb.

Our company is certified by the ISO standards of EQA Hellas and even our own technological innovations have been certified by the University of Ioannina for their earthquake-proof properties and energy-saving characteristics.

Our company enables contractors - manufacturers to undertake individual representation. It offers ongoing technical support and on-site training anywhere in Greece. The aim is the creation of a strong network of partners across the entire country.

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