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Our company is certified by the ISO standards of EQA Hellas and even our own technological innovations have been certified by the University of Ioannina

Newdb is a unitary construction (brick) made up of an MDF core and OSB joined panels of extruded polystyrene in a two-dimensional brick form.






Σχήμα 1



Figure 1

The invention regards a composite building element of MDF material (chipboard) which is placed in the centre and coated on both sides with panels of OSB (compressed wood pieces) with extruded polystyrene placed (XPS) midway.

The structural element which is provided in brick size is used for houses of dry construction instead of the classic brick which is usually ceramic or briquette or made of a cement material that requires mortar or glue to be able to stabilize.

Similar components of composite MDF material which are the known chipboard or fibreboard panels with extruded polystyrene-coated OSB which are compressed wood pieces (oriented strand board) have not been produced and are not in the market to date except for Newdb. They are easily-assembled by hand which is done by following the metal railing on the floor.

Figure  2

By using the structural dry building element, it is possible to assemble the outer and inner walls of a house in a very short period of time (e.g. 3 days), as the structural elements are easily installed by hand without a stabilizing material and can be fitted by any construction crew.



 MDF, which is available in large sheets, is cut and prepared by a cutting machine, while parallel to this, on other machines, the process of pressured bonding of the polystyrene sheet to the inner and outer skin of the OSB is carried out (Figure 1).

  All parts are cut precisely in the correct dimensions of the brick and are appropriately joined at 140-150°C, on both sides of the MDF. In addition, for safety purposes, anchorage is performed with non - return nails. In the figure below, the structure of this new material is shown in a sectored diagram, which consists of MDF layers (fiber board) which is the core. Panels of extruded polystyrene compressed by OSB panels (compressed wooden pieces) are placed on either side of the MDF boards which are affixed to the inner and outer sides of the MDF and put through the presser with a special glue (150°C) and fixed with steel nails. In this way, the consistency of the core material and the two panels form a single material (brick), ready for use (Figure 3).  

Figure  3

 The MDF and OSB pieces with the extruded polystyrene in between are cut according to the dimensions using cutting machinery, whereas the pressing and gluing is done using special presses.

After being fitted, the surfaces are prepared for painting with plasterboard coating.

The materials of which the Newdb is made of are modern, reliable and have successfully undergone the relevant tests (TEST V313) and fully comply with the European Legislation on reaction to fire (EN 13501 - 1), hygiene issues (EN ISO), quality and thermal conductivity (EN 13164) while possessing all the necessary certificates (ISO Certificates) which prove their suitability for use in Newdb technology.


The "bricks" are placed along a metal railing on the floor where gaps are left for the placement of casing (doors and windows) thus forming the outer and inner walls of the houses.

The "bricks" are assembled by following a steel beam railing on the floor and the entire wall is constructed without needing columns of reinforced concrete or steel beams (for low buildings), while the roof of synthetic material is pressed and fastened on the wall.

Figure  4



The structural component Newdb is comprised of composite materials which make it easy to use for rapid house construction, whereas in regard to low houses (7.5 m) the use of a frame of reinforced concrete or rails is not required as is required for multi-story houses (composite structures) with corresponding behaviour. MDF (2) (Figure 1) is the "core" of the structural element that follows the metallic rail, while the coatings of point 1 (Figure 1) provide the required insulation.

The structural element Newdb consists of extremely strong MDF material, which is at its core, while the extruded polystyrene affixed on either side of the MDF to form the OSB panels and polystyrene, produced in this standardized format, offers insulation inside and out.

The advantage of the structural element of dry building material

is that it is available in two "bricks" sizes. Depending on the masonry filling needs, the "bricks" are cut with an electric saw into suitable size pieces and adhesive agents are not necessary for their placement and stabilization. Therefore, since the structure is made without adhesive agents or mortar, the building time is much less in comparison to other forms of building.

This particular material which forms this single brick has been successfully tested for thermal resistance and resistance to crushing and breakage. In regard to Newdb (dry building structural element) crushing, tensile and bend tests have been successfully carried out showing enormous resistance to earthquakes as well as having large heat insulating ability. The structural element Newdb is produced in two dimensions only, for easy handling.

The dvantages of  modern construction

The Newdb building system is certified for energy performance.

The quality control of the Newdb structural element has been a subject of research at the University of Ioannina. Quality assurance is not an abstract concept. It is a prerequisite for our company, where through a series of research procedures, one of the best structural elements is offered to the world.

Always having in mind the purpose of offering excellent homes, our company has adopted and follows the highest quality standards by implementing the most stringent quality control procedures.




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We certify that the thermal insulation indicator that was obtained from research regarding thermal-behaviour systems in regard to standard residential building systems is n = 0.298 kcal / m2h* C