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Certification ISO

The Newdb consist of a set of modern and reliable materials which have successfully undergone the relevant tests (TEST V313) and fully comply with the European Legislation for reaction to fire (EN13501-4), hygiene issues (EN120), quality and thermal conductivity (EN 13164) and they also bear all the necessary certificates (ISO Certificate) which demonstrate their suitability for use in Newdb technology. Our company and its co-operative raw materials companies, following assessments, provide a number of certificates available to our customers for viewing.

Studies / surveys - Certifications

The certification process requires that a series of experiments be carried out in order to find, to record and to compare the data results with international standards.The experiments conducted are specific and the methods which are followed are clearly defined.

To conduct the experiments which are required to check the properties of the structural element used, laboratory equipment of the Department of  Science Engineering Materials - Laboratory of Engineering and Strength of Materials of the University of Ioannina was used, which has appropriate and certified equipment for the execution of these specific experiments.

The studies conducted by the University of Ioannina based on the results are as follows (navigate by pressing the arrow keys):


The last two surveys conducted on September 16, 2019 by the University of Ioannina headed by Professor Theodoros Matikas, Director of MSS-NDE laboratory, certify that the model housing construction system of our company, New Discover Brick Hellas, meets all the requirements regarding reaction of building materials to fire according to the European standard EN 13501-1: 2007 + A1: 2009 as well as the requirements regarding flammability according to the German standard DIN 4102-1.

Research from the University of Ioannina Πιστοποίηση ISO9001 προκατ σπίτια Κραμποκούκης

The ISO 9001 is the international quality standard. The standard defines the requirements, according to which an organization must operate so that the final product and / or service can be considered satisfactory. Our company has been assessed by the certification organization EQA Hellas and has acquired the certificate under nr. 3409/09 which meets the requirements of ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management System).

 1. Study of thermal system behaviour of model housing constructions.

Meleti-thermikis-simperiforas.jpg Meleti-thermikis-simperiforas2.jpg Meleti-thermikis-simperiforas3.jpg
Europaiko-protypo.jpg Germaniko-protypo.jpg

Test report:European standard EN 13501-1: 2007 + A1: 2009

 Test report:German standard DIN 4102-1