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What is the Eco Building System?

The Eco Dry Building Construction System is an innovative system in which the building elements are designed with precision and fit accordingly with male - female standards on all four (4) sides. They are used for walls and roofs in residential construction. The standard bricks comprise of a wooden core which is found between two insulating layers of polystyrene with an outer coating of oriented strand board (OSB) class 3.

They consist of a set of modern and reliable materials which have successfully endured and passed  the relevant inspections and tests (TEST V313) and fully comply with European Fire Legislation (EN13501-4) and how the materials react to fire, hygiene issues (EN120), quality and thermal conductivity (EN 13164), having all the necessary certificates (ISO Certificates) that prove suitability for their use.

Is it energy-efficient?

A house built out of the new building material offers high insulation levels. The energy required for the heating and cooling of the house can be reduced up to 85%.

After research on the new masonry was conducted (University of Ioannina), the results show that in order for one degree Celsius to penetrate (during a hot summer day) it takes the body of this masonry more than 4 hours. The rate obtained after heat behavioural study of the system is: K = 0.29kcal / m2h.

How ecological is it?

A house built with our technology offers high levels of insulation and resistance and is extremely airtight. The energy required for heating and cooling of a house can be reduced up to 85%.

The polystyrene insulation used consists of lightweight rigid foam material which has a composition of 95% air and is recyclable. The insulation made out of this foam uses an active ingredient which does not spread chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), does not threaten the earth's ozone layer nor does it emit harmful gases. The OSB bricks are manufactured from renewable sources where 90% of the time new crops are used. They are products with an industrial design and are manufactured in standard sizes, which means less building site waste.

How fast is the building process?

Construction is faster than the traditional methods and faster than concrete building structures. A trained team can build an entire house in nine weeks.

Do you need a building permit?

Prefabricated houses require the issuance of a building permit.  costsontributions to the Social Security System.

The foundation required for these buildings are a lighter construction as the loads received from the building site are significantly lighter compared to conventional constructions. This achieves further reduction which can reach 25%.

How much does the new structural element cost?

The price is determined based on square meters, the number of floors and the transport costs. The final price is offered after evaluation of final designs and the final destination. The total cost is predetermined from the start with accuracy, thus defining the correct budget, excluding future unpleasant surprises. This results in the total construction cost being much lower.

I am an owner and I want to build a house with Newdb

Your original architectural plans can be adjusted or with the help of our company you can choose from among any of the ready-made or custom-made designs available.We can build your house from beginning to end, or to simply focus on the areas you wish.

For the manufacturers (engineers, contractors, etc.)

I am a manufacturer and I want to build a house with Newdb. How should I start?

The first step is to identify your needs and your time schedule. After submitting the final plans, a delivery schedule will be determined.

For the production and delivery, an initial deposit is required and the final payment will be made on delivery. If training is required, our company will provide an on-site instructor who will be present from the beginning till the completion of the work.

The standardized bricks are transported and delivered directly to the construction site along with all other building materials required for the project. During the whole process there is virtually no waste and issues of ineffectiveness do not arise.

What is the design and construction process?

The construction of a building begins with the architectural designs where the conversion of the existing designs is required. The final modifications will determine the quantity of bricks required for each level as well as the exact number of each shape (whether they are straight, t - shaped, angled, etc.).

After the designs are signed by the manufacturer, the engineer, the owner and other parties involved in the process, the production of bricks is scheduled. Following the initial deposit, the bricks are produced and delivered to the site for installation.

How durable are the houses?

Our building materials have been tested and certified by the European Union for their earthquake-proof properties. Due to the fact that the interior walls are fixed to the external walls and screwed into a free network of reinforced concrete, the structure cannot be twisted, bend or exert torque during earthquakes and extreme weather conditions. At the same time, the materials used by the company relieve the owner from any kind of maintenance and they guarantee high resistance even in the worst weather conditions.

How do these building materials react to fire?

Normally, most building materials will burn in the case of a heavy fire. This is not the case with our building materials seeing that they meet and exceed all known building codes regarding resistance to fire. We exclusively use oriented strand boards (OSB), class 3 and extruded polystyrene, products which contain retarding substances for the purpose of stopping the spreading of fire. With the addition of a 12.5 mm drywall on the interior walls, fire resistance is increased even more, even beyond the standard and basic specifications.

It is compatible with other building systems?

The standardized bricks are compatible with other building systems. Walls can be applied to different foundation materials, including concrete.

What is the learning curve for my team regarding the construction of the new technology?

For professionals in the construction industry who are familiar with traditional building techniques, learning the ecological construction system won’t be difficult. In any part of the country on - site technical support is available to manufacturers, who can also learn installation techniques from projects currently taking place in Greece.

As a manufacturer, how much money I can save with the new ecological building system?

Manufacturers save money through the reduced bulk of delivery seeing that the packaging is flat and also through cheaper manufacturing and labour costs. Neither heavy equipment nor large groups of technicians are required, and the time of completion of a whole structure is 75% faster compared to other conventional methods. Manufacturers can also reduce building site waste.

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